Hello TestCommunity!!!

I’m glad to welcome you back to the 7th blog of my Karate DSL series, which covers different types of karate actions. With the use of practical examples, this blog will guide you in comprehending the use of actions.

But, hang in there!!! If you missed any of…

Hola TestCommunity!!!

I’ve covered a few fundamental topics in Karate DSL so far. If you haven’t read any of the previous blogs, here’s a link to get you started.

You’re reading the 6th chapter of my karate DSL series, which is designed to help you grasp different variables and their…

Welcome Back TestCommunity!!!

I hope this series is giving you a better understanding of KarateDSL and addressed your doubts.

Every API automation tool uses its own method for handling HTTP keywords and validating request & response. You’ll be pleasantly amazed at how well KarateDSL has simplified and implemented these concepts.

Welcome back, TestCommunity!!!

First and foremost, I’d like to ask you all “how you’re doing and how things are going at your end ?”

I hope you’re enjoying my Karate DSL blog series, which aims to cover all the key features offered by this fabulous tool. …

Hi-ya TestCommunity!!!

I hope you found my previous blogs (Introduction to KarateDSL and Setup & configurations) in the Karate series to be informative and helpful. I’m back with the third blog in this series, this time focusing on the technical concepts of feature files used to create test cases based…

Buenos días TestCommunity!!

I’m back with the second blog of my Karate series. In this blog, we shall be looking at the setup and configurations required to get started with KarateDSL using Eclipse IDE.

If you skipped the first blog in this series, you may catch up by clicking on…

Bonjour TestCommunity !!!

According to worldwide Google Trends of the IT sector, the demand for well-trained API (Backend) testing professionals has increased substantially.

This trend has encouraged me to create a blog series in this area.

Before starting with API Automation using Karate DSL, let us understand the key aspects…

Hello Folks !!! I am back with my 2nd blog on how to read Kafka topic from test-consumer in Karate API Automation framework.

On reading blog title, what is the first thing that comes in your mind ?? Hmm.. Let me guess !!

What is Apache Kafka ?

Apache Kafka…

Hello Audience !!

Hope you all are safe !!

Covid pandemic has affected every individuals in different ways and in my case it has developed a flair to create my first blog based on my learning journey in Karate DSL.

During my learning process, I observed that there are very…

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