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  • Knoldus Inc.

    Knoldus Inc.

    Group of smart Engineers with a Product mindset who partner with your business to drive competitive advantage | www.knoldus.com

  • Peter Thomas

    Peter Thomas

    Creator of @getkarate - the only open-source tool that unifies API test-automation, test-doubles and performance-testing | https://github.com/karatelabs/karate

  • Richard Forjoe

    Richard Forjoe

    I am a passion fuelled tester, who wants to see the profession flourish! Hobby: Street photography & Portraits — Insta: forjoe_streets & forjoe_ports

  • Brijesh Deb

    Brijesh Deb

    In God we trust, everything else I Test! Views expressed here are personal.

  • Chirag Brahmane

    Chirag Brahmane

    Software Engineer

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